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Ordnance Survey Practice

It came to light in past year's Mac 4x4's that a number of competitors who had excellent off road driving skills, were a little rusty on their OS navigation.

So I have compiled this short test to remind you how to sort out your Eastings from Your Northings.

Step 1 - Click here to find a very useful interactive guide to OS navigation from their own site, or here for a printable .pdf version. Come back here when you have read it.

Step 2 -Purchase a copy of Ordnance Survey Land Ranger Map number 153. (ISBN 0-319-22753-7)

Step 3 - Answering the following questions, plot a continuous route (No U-turns) as follows.

Start at TL112563 (Ducks Cross)

Proceed to : -
1. TL101575 - What is your altitude?
2. TL094552 - Has church got a tower or spire?
3. TL074557 - What is located here?
4. TL061584 - What End?
5. TL088587 - What is located here?
6. TL109586 - Has church got a tower or spire?
7. TL130577 - Name Farm?
8. TL151570 - Name Farm?
9. TL143561 - What is above you?
10. TL112563 - Where are you?

Step 4 - E-mail Your Answers to Russ