Mac 4x4 THE MAC 4x4
Mac Pics

The Organising Team

prowland2 Secretary to the Challenge:

Peter Rowland

Organiser for

Macmillan Cancer Support

01981 252954 or


After posing with the Champ 60 years ago Peter, inspired by the Mac 4x4 competitors' enthusiasm, has a new vehicle - a 'Super Jeep 7.6d' - and, as you can see, has been looking for interesting places for The Challenge!! But don't let this put anyone off entering!!!

Clerk of the Course (and who brought the idea to Macmillan):

Selwyn Kendrick

Widely known in off-road circles as the former UK No. 2 in off-road racing

and one of the revivers of Hill Rally type events in the '90's.

Now running the British Off-road Championship for the RAC MSA


Plus the Rest of The Best – the reliable engine that keeps ‘The Mac’ going:

Paul Myers, Julia Myers, Adrian Longstaff, Giles Lowther, Elwyn Manuel, Jane Love, Chrys Bonds, Pete Bonds,
Matt Morgan, Jason Smith, Campbell and Linda Sharp, Alistair Myers, Steve Grant and Lilian Turley.

and also Russ Brown (Celebrity Stalker & Event Publicist), Pete Restall (Website), Bill McLean (Forum).